Blue water?!  Must not be in the Chesapeake anymore!


Here is an overlooked little cove at the mouth of Rabbit Island sound. It would a nice spot for a picnic if it wasn’t for the dolphin corpse!!

(Source: rcsailing)


Lac Des Quatres Cantons - Switzerland

( Photography by C.D.K )

(Source: rcsailing)

One of many exhibits from the Follo Museum who are taking care of working boats and sailboats especially those made by the famous Jac M Iverson. Here we have a Vatbåt, a traditional fishing boat with a big roller on the stern for dragging up the fishing nets. by Trudi Evans Brynildsen,

"Pandora" 1907 Designed by Johan Anker and built by Anker & Jensen. Pandora is a 9mR Gaff Rig and the oldest International Metre boat still sailing. by Trudi Evans Brynildsen.

 When boat builders Al Bryan and Cort Heyniger designed the Sunfish in 1952, they had no idea their boat would be such a sailing sensation! Over 300,000 worldwide!  Al & Cort working in their Waterbury, CT factory.

Custom built beautiful and popular Arch Davis designed Penobscot 14 rowboat/sailboat with extras.

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