Cologne greets Mazury ;))

Braute på Helgelands-kysten 2014

Allow yourself time to watch this short film from eldahei’s Vimeo, “Braute på Helgelands-kysten 2014,” shared by Carsten Hvid on WoodenBoat. Carsten wrote, “Summer sailing in midnight sun in a traditional ‘Åfjords-fembøring’ in the northern parts of Norway. - No varnish, no engine, but pine tare, linseed oil, linnen sails, tarred hemp rope and oars…”


Custom built beautiful and popular Arch Davis designed Penobscot 14 rowboat/sailboat with extras.

1974 Cape Cod Catboat with bowsprit.

new sail battens

Quo Vadis under sail ;)

spent few days on a small fish pond of my friends

Winter is coming Icesailing hollandaise

own iceboard built by myself according to the plans of Robert Graczyk

building plans of iceboard

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