When boat builders Al Bryan and Cort Heyniger designed the Sunfish in 1952, they had no idea their boat would be such a sailing sensation! Over 300,000 worldwide!  Al & Cort working in their Waterbury, CT factory.

wooden mast

how to build a wooden mast

last weekend - masurian view

last weekend - Lake Bełdany, wild horses - Polish Konik

last weekend - Lake Śniardwy, on the Devil Island

last weekend - Lake Nidzkie, Heron Island

here is another photo of the trip across Bass Strait…big seas, lots of wind, gaff sails straining, and “hey you” hanging on for dear life….note the lack of any form of rails, except for a slack lifeline, and the low bulwarks stopped any water from staying on deck for any time….fun times..”


acrylic on canvas on

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